Grandmaster (師家 Shike)

■8th Grandmaster Ishii Seizo (石井 清造)

He was born as 4th son of 7th Grandmaster Ishii Benzo (石井辨蔵) in Tokyo in 1892.
In that era, people did not respect traditional martial and therefore, only he inherited tenshinryu from his father.
He could not find the student and teach Tenshinryu stably because it was confused and chaotic period between both world warsWWI and WWII.
After WWII, he finally found one person, Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) who is 8th Grandmaster later.
After that, he established the “Kokenpo Hozonhukyukai (古剣法保存普及会, the organizations to preserve and spread traditional martial arts) to maintain the tradition of the Tenshinryu. Unfortunately the organization disintegrated and however, the will is still inherited.

■9th Grandmaster Nakamura Tenshin (中村 天心)

Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) was born in Tokyo in 1943.
All the other students stopped to learn Tenshinryu due to severe training by Ishii. Only he endured it, mastered Tenshinryu, and succeeded to 9th Shike.
After that, according to Ishii’s desire, he opened school “Hyoho Juku (兵法塾)” at home and started teaching Tenshinryu.
And according to Ishii’s teachings, he did street performance around the country as “Mushashugyo (武者修行, Knight-errantry)”.
He met and interacted with successors of martial arts on the street performance trip and learned and trained.
However, his wife passed away so young unfortunately. After that, he decided to dedicate his time to his three children and therefore, taught Tenshinryu only his relatives and his acquaintance.

After his retirement, he allowed people to learn Tenshinryu. On 11th February 2012, his student, Kuwami Masakumo (鍬海政雲) succeeded to 10th Shike. He still continues to check Kuwami’s guidance and teach Tenshinryu together.
“Tenshin (天心)” of Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Ishii.

■10th Grandmaster Kuwami Masakumo Isshin(鍬海 政雲 一心)

Kuwami Masakumo (鍬海政雲) was born in Hokkaido in 1978.
He practiced the one of Japanese martial arts since childhood. When he was teacher of the one, he met Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) by strange coincidence, and devoted his time to learn Tenshinryu.
Although it is in the middle of learning, he inherited Tenshinryu from Nakamura on 11th February 2012. Currently, he is trying to instruct Tenshinryu to succeed to the next generation.
“Kuwami Masakumo Isshin (鍬海政雲一心)” is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Nakamura.

■11th Grandmaster Ide Ryusetsu (井手 柳雪)

He also hold the following post;
・Chief international affairs coordinator
・General Incorporated Association Tenshinryu hyohou commissioner

Ide Ryusetsu (井手 柳雪) was born in Kanagawa in 1983.
When he was a college student, he wanted to learn Japanese traditional martial arts and found Tenshinryu. However, at that time, Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) taught Tenshinryu only his relatives and his acquaintance. He tried to ask Nakamura to allow his entry to Tenshinryu for six monthes and finally, Nakamura acknowledged his enthusiasm and allowed him to learn Tenshinyu.
He strivied to learn Tenshinryu, resulting in that he became “Daihan (代範, the assistant instructor)” in 2010, and acquired the Mokuroku (目録) in 2012.
Kuwami on 1 May 2019. Currently, he is trying to instruct Tenshinryu to succeed to the next generation.
Based on Nakamura’s trust, he manages Tenshinryu international section.
“Ryusetsu (柳雪)” of “Ide Ryusetsu (井手柳雪)” is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Nakamura.

Shihan (師範 Master)

■Shihan (師範) Takei Mugetsu (武井 霧月)

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1977.
In addition to having loved Japanese history since he was a child, he also has an admiration for ancient martial arts due to the influence of his father, who is a fan of period dramas.
At the age of 21, while visiting another school, he chanced upon Tenshin Sensei, who happened to be there, and he made a connection with him, and he was given special permission to become a student.
He was appointed Deputy Master in 2007 and head instructor in 2010.
He supports the school as a pillar of Tenshin-ryu.

“Mugetsu (霧月)” of “Takei Mugetsu (武井 霧月)” is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Nakamura.

Daihan (代範 Deputy Master)

■Daihan (代範) Takizawa Dofu (滝沢 洞風)

He also hold the following post;
・General Incorporated Association Tenshinryuhyohou commissioner
・The head of Shinjuku Branch

Takizawa Dofu (滝沢 洞風) was born in Fukushima.
He loved Japanese culture since childhood.
He was blessed with the Japanese martial arts environment and therefore, practiced “Kenjutsu (剣術, the art of sword)”, “Shurikenjutsu (手裏剣術, the art of throwing sword)”, kyujutsu (弓術, the art of archery) and other Japaneser martial arts by himself.
When he entered college, he learned “Tamiya ryu (田宮流)” in the club of “Iaido (居合道)”. In the club he was the captain in the second year and also acquired excellent results in the tournament.

He always wears “Kimonos (着物, Japanese clothing)”.
One day he met Nakamura Tenshin (中村天心) in antique market. And he was invited by Nakamura and started to learn Tenshinryu.
Because he learned Iaido, he learned Tenshinryu very well.
He was evaluated for his skill and human nature and therefore, he started to manage the Shinjuku branch in 2013, and acquired “Hatsu yurushi (初許)” and became “Daihan (代範, Deputy Master)” in 2016.

“Dofu (洞風)” of “Takizawa Dofu (滝沢 洞風)” is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Nakamura.

■Daihan (代範) Arakawa Ganryu (荒川 岸柳)

Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1995.
He became interested in swords when he started Kendo when he was in junior high school, and later trained in Iaido as well.
Begins joining Tenshinryu while attending university.
He was recognized for his excellent memory and intense practice, and in 2019, he was awarded the first license and appointed as “Daihan (代範, Deputy Master)”.
He provides sharp guidance based on his natural observational skills.

“GAnryu (岸柳)” of “Arakawa Ganryu (荒川 岸柳)” is the “Bugo (武号, nickname for matial arts)” given by Nakamura.

Overseas Leader

■Gabriel Getsu-jyo (月城)

・Executive Director of all Spanish-speaking countries
・Spanish Branch Leader

Gabriel Getsu-jyo (月城) was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1975, stands out as an International Master of Martial Arts. His martial arts journey began in the 80s with the practice of Karate and Judo, later incorporating the study of Japanese Bujutsu.
Gabriel Getsu-jyo Sensei imparts his teachings based on personal experiences in both traditional martial arts and self defense systems through Bugeikan 武芸館, translated as the “House of Martial Arts” or “House of the Arts of Wars.”
Driven by the quest to discover the essence of martial arts, Gabriel Getsu-jyo Sensei annually embarks on a journey to Japan, practicing Musha shugyō 武者修行, a path of self-discipline and direct learning from the heirs of Tenshinryu.
Recognized with the first Official Branch of Tenshinryu overseas, Gabriel Getsu-jyo Sensei serves as the manager of the Spanish Branch and holds the position of executive director for the Spanish-speaking region.
Getsu-jyo, the “Bugo (武号),” bestowed upon him by Nakamura, is not just a martial arts name but a representation of his identity in the martial world and his commitment to authenticity and tradition.
Gabriel Getsu-jyo Sensei eagerly looks forward to sharing his journey and delving into the depths of Tenshinryu with all of you.