Tenshinryu is a traditional Japanese martial art that originated approximately 400 years ago in the early Edo period. Tokizawa Yahei, who served Yagyu Munenori, developed this style under Munenori’s orders.

Yagyu Munenori was an Ometsuke(*) of the Tokugawa shogunate. Tenshinryu was devised for use by the Kogan(光願), a group of warriors(Shirindan 士林団) under Munenori who supported the Tokugawa shogunate from the shadows. Kogan means “wish for light”, which means to pray for the continued peace of the country.

*The Ometsuke is an inspector who monitors the feudal lords and the Imperial Court and protects the Shogunate from these rebellions.

Tokizawa Yahei organized and systematized the wisdom and techniques of various schools and covert practitioners, as well as the ingenuity of Munenori, based on the Yagyu family’s Shinkageryu, and named it Tenshinryu.

However, the work was lost as peace prevailed, and it was dissolved during the reign of the 8th shogun, Yoshimune. Some of the styles were publicized in the Kansai region and taught at clan schools. (This line has ceased to exist.) However, some of Kogan’s samurai preserved the Tenshinryu to work, once again, for the Tokugawa shoguns when peace was once again disturbed.

The descendants of one of Kogan’s first kumigashira(組頭 small group top), Ishitsunemon, continued to preserve Tenshinryu in the Kanto region. The 8th generation of the Tenshinryu, Ishii Seizo, succeeded him and passed it on to the 9th generation, Nakamura Tenshin.


"Tenshinryu (天心流)" was born in the Edo era Kan'ei (寛永). Yahei Tokizawa (時沢弥兵衛) is the founder of Tenshinryu. Tenshinry[…]

Tenshinryu is a school of “Hyoho (兵法), comprehensive martial arts”. It comprises of the following arts;

● Kenjutsu (剣術): The art of the sword
● Battojutsu (抜刀術): The art of drawing the sword
● Sojutsu (槍術): The art of spear
● Jumonjiyarijutsu (十文字槍術): The art of cross-shaped spear
● Naginatajutsu (薙刀術): The art of glaive
● Kusarigamajutsu (鎖鎌術): The art of chain sickle
● Tesajyutu (鉄鎖術): The art of chain
● Yawara (柔): The art of unarmed grappling

Tenshinryu has the technique used inside castle which is called “Denchu Toho Saya no Uchi (殿中刀法鞘之中)”. In addition, we study not only the form of “Uchigatana (打刀)” but also those of “Tachi (太刀)” as “Koden (古伝), old style”. In accordance with the lifestyle of samurai, we always wear “Wakizashi (脇差) in training.
Tenshinryu teaches modern people knowledge of tactics and rich techniques which are needed in various situations such as “lying down, waking up, sitting, standing, walking and running”.
It’s an extraordinary piece of martial art!

Tenshinryu Dojo

Fifteen years ago, Kuwami Shike was introduced to Tenshinryu, and it became widely popular. The small, unknown style, which had fewer than five students 15 years ago, now has several training centers in the Kanto region and a large number of students.


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And thanks to the work of Ide Shike, chief executive officer of the international division, Tenshinryu now has a worldwide network of chapters and practice groups.


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Master of Tenshinryu


Grandmaster (師家 Shike) ■8th Grandmaster Ishii Seizo (石井 清造) He was born as 4th son of 7th Grandmaster Ishii Benzo (石[…]



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