“Tenshinryu (天心流)” was born in the Edo era Kan’ei (寛永).
Yahei Tokizawa (時沢弥兵衛) is the founder of Tenshinryu.
Tenshinryu derived from the corps of shadow to protect the Tokugawa shogunate (徳川幕府) which is called “Shirin Dan (士林の団, the population of samurai)”.
They served Munenori Yagyu (柳生宗矩). Munenori Yagyu has devised a lot of “Kata (勢法, techniques)”.
Tenshinryu originated from “Shinkage ryu (新陰流)”. Yahei integrated the techniques of Shinkage ryu and techniques created by Munenori into Tenshinryu. Tenshinryu is handed down as a sword of samurai to serve to the castle which was called “Joshi no Ken (城士の剣)”.

Tenshinryu is a school of “Hyoho (兵法), comprehensive martial arts”. It comprises of the following arts;

● Kenjutsu (剣術): The art of the sword
● Battojutsu (抜刀術): The art of drawing the sword
● Sojutsu (槍術): The art of spear
● Jumonjiyarijutsu (十文字槍術): The art of cross-shaped spear
● Naginatajutsu (薙刀術): The art of glaive
● Kusarigamajutsu (鎖鎌術): The art of chain sickle
● Tesajyutu (鉄鎖術): The art of chain
● Yawara (柔): The art of unarmed grappling

Tenshinryu has the technique used inside castle which is called “Denchu Toho Saya no Uchi (殿中刀法鞘之中)”. In addition, we study not only the form of “Uchigatana (打刀)” but also those of “Tachi (太刀)” as “Koden (古伝), old style”. In accordance with the lifestyle of samurai, we always wear “Wakizashi (脇差) in training.
Tenshinryu teaches modern people knowledge of tactics and rich techniques which are needed in various situations such as “lying down, waking up, sitting, standing, walking and running”.
It’s an extraordinary piece of martial art!

Genealogy of Tenshinryu

Tenshinryu founded an Specified Nonprofit Corporation(NPO) corporation in 2016.
In recent years, seminars are held to spread to foreign countries.