Regarding this new endeavour of ours, we are currently rather doubtful whether we would really be able to gather 50 members.
Nonetheless and in order to remain impartial, we will start the recruitment process for our online doujou as planned on March 15th at 12 pm UTC.
At the same time we will also launch the exclusive Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account as well as the official website.

※The photograph is an image. Unfortunately we do not have such a dojo because we are very poor.

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    • Adrian Fuentes
    • March 15th, 2019

    Hello i´m from Mexico city, I have studied kenjutsu for a while, but our sensei passed away leaving some unfinished matters, I can say that I know the basics, but I´m aware that my technique needs a whole lot to work, but also i know that I can´t improve without help, then i found out about your school and your techniques and was totally captivated, then i found out that you were about to give classes online and was totally interested in taking them, it would be an honor to be accepted and to learn from you, im looking forward to meet you

    Best regards!

      • user_name
      • March 16th, 2019

      Thank you!We look forward to practicing with you.

    • J. Mad
    • December 22nd, 2020


    Are you still accepting online members?

    Thank you

      • user_name
      • December 25th, 2020

      Yes, Still accepting.Please join us now.

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