TENSHINRYU ONLINE status is 80% of plan.

Currently we have reached 80% of our member limit.
So there is still a bit of room left.
We will later publish an article about this, but the things Master Kuwami is planning to teach in this TENSHINRYU ONLINE, in such detail that even I myself am astonished, will be a direct transmission of traditions that will likely get leaked and spread across Japan as well.
While recording and being surprised about how detailed we are going to teach it, I personally have to repeatedly review a huge amount.
It’s a programme we genuinely want all members that are currently registered to receive and learn.
As Master Kuwami said in the previous video, we are not just selling off techniques bit by bit.
Furthermore, he is a perfectionist on a level that would amaze anyone.
Thus, I am convinced that we will be able to make it worth participating in this programme, to make it one special experience in your life.

If this programme becomes useful, we might raise the membership fee for future admissions.
With this in mind, please feel free to take part in this start-up!

そしてダイジェストを今後公開しますが、このTENSHINRYU ONLINEでで鍬海師家が指導しようとしている内容は、私も驚くほど細かく、日本で通っていても聞き漏らしていることがあるような直伝です。


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