“Nedachi (寝太刀)”

“Nedachi (寝太刀)” .

Nedachi is a collective term for techniques that drawing a sword from a lying position.

This has two meanings: actual battle and practice.

Overturn the disadvantaged situation yourself.
This is an important aspect of martial arts and has been studied in many Traditional martial arts.
From the middle of the Edo period, matches with bamboo swords with armor became popular.
A fair game has lost the value of tactics to overturn many adversities.

Samurai like to be fair and square.
This is both right and wrong.
It is important for samurai to focus on pride and head-on battle.
At the same time, Samurai is required to have the wisdom to choose no means for the purpose.

The Chinese book Samurai learned, The Art of War (military text by Sun Tzu, 512 BCE) has the following words.

“The warfare is always conducts by deceptions to enemy.”

In Japan, charging without wisdom and tactics is called “INUJINI(die to no purpose).

Sometimes Samurai was willing to accept INUJINI for his pride, his lord, and his blood.

But sometimes it is denied that it is fool’s courage to charge without being able to win.
Samurai’s soul, Bushido, embraces this complexity.

Embu: Kuwami Masakumo (鍬海 政雲)
Arakawa Ganryu (荒川 岸柳)