Merry Christmas!!!

In Japan today, there are many Traditional martial arts(Kobujyutsu 古武術) that still exist and are inherited.
But in the old days there were many more styles and unfortunately they were lost.
And it’s about to be lost every day, just like endangered species.
Tenshinryu was also a  a candle flickering in the wind until a little over a decade ago.
And Tenshin Sensei wasn’t very happy. For about half a century, he has inherited Tenshinryu with pain. Successors have been forced to sacrifice.
This is similar to many traditional martial arts, and is also common to modern martial arts Sensei.
When the people involved cannot be happy, the culture is lost.
For us today, we value timeless traditions, rigorous and esoteric practice, and one more thing, happiness.
I think this year has been a difficult year for everyone.
We face many difficulties, but we are happy.

We want to share this happiness with you.
May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love and laughter!!