Official announcement of the new Keikokai

Official announcement of the new Keikokai

During the European seminar, Kuwami Shike received requests from two Tenshin-ryu online Keikokai in France and Germany, and after approval from Ide Shike and Kuwami Shike, the two online Keikokai were officially promoted to Tenshin-ryu Keikokai.

These two Keikokai have already started their activities as Tenshin-ryu Keikokai, but now that they have been issued a certificate of approval, we will officially announce them again.

We strongly hope that these two organizations will become even more active in the future and strive to spread Tenshin-ryu in the country in the future.

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There are some groups and individuals who teach Tenshin-ryu without permission, use their names, and falsify their teaching qualifications.
All organizations and individuals other than those officially recognized by Tenshin-ryu and issued with official approval certificates are completely fake and fraudulent. be careful.