Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima, which has been a hot topic since its development, will finally be released tomorrow.
Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world period action action adventure for PlayStation 4 set in the Tsushima attack in Genki.
Two years ago, Tenshinryu invited two Ide shike and Kuwami Shike to the United States to provide motion.

In the production of Ghost of Tsushima, I took motion captures as long as my time in Seattle allowed.
However, not all actions are Tenshinryu.
We also invite specialists from various fields to shoot all kinds of motions.
Not all swordsman actions are Tenshinryu actions, but I hope you will play them.

Tenshinryu doesn’t necessarily disclose only large movement techniques as promotions.
However, since the shooting is devised, it seems that people who do not understand the difference can not understand the difference from theatrical combat(殺陣 Tate).
Of course, it may be obvious that it is difficult for the general public to distinguish the difference, but there are people in the martial arts neighborhood who cannot distinguish the difference.

From the perspective of theatrical combat specialists, the difference is clear and it cannot be a theatrical combat.
The creators of Sucker Punch also understood and understood the difference clearly.
During the recording, they were seriously thinking about how to incorporate a martial art that wasn’t meant to be shown in the game.

For us, this challenge is also a tradition preservation effort.
However, it requires a great creator who weaves the bridge between the two, while clearly understanding the difference between real and fictional battles.
They challenged that difficult task and achieved great results.
We also want to experience the “samurai” they have reached through the completed game and enjoy their challenges.

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