【Trailer】 TENSHINRYU Online

【Trailer】 TENSHINRYU Online

■ Greeting from KUWAMI MASAKUMO 鍬海政雲

Hello, everyone!

I am Kuwami Masakumo, 10th generation Grandmaster of Tenshinryu Hyoho.
We are currently working on setting up TENSHINRYU ONLINE as fast as possible.
Being just the two of us, Ide-sensei and I have to deal with struggles from a big workload at times, but we are doing our best to ensure that this will get out to you even just one day earlier.
This time we would like to share with you our state of progress.
First and foremost, we would like to tell you about the concept.
Regarding TENSHINRYU ONLINE DOJO, just as in our regular training or seminars or basically anything we do, we have no intentions of selling off techniques bit by bit for small change to earn our living.
Our mission is to hand down the style of the school called Tenshinryu and therefore we are taking action to preserve the same and spread it to many places and to many people.
In order to do so it is not necessary to cut down Tenshinryu in little pieces and hand them out to everyone.
Of course, we are active on social media for exposure, but that is not the main goal.
Our actual activity consists of the one thing that has to be carried out no matter what – the training of our students.
Members of the TENSHINRYU ONLINE DOJO may not fully count as students of Tenshinryu, but rather they learn Tenshinryu as provisional students.
In other words, we would still teach them everything about Tenshinryu.
We are not running an online doujou for those who are just looking for flashy special moves or the like.
We are going to convey the fundamental parts of Tenshinryu and the ideal facets, so to speak.
We would like for you to take part and comprehend those.
For now, we would appreciate your understanding of said things.
Next, please let Ide-sensei explain to you what the system would look like.

■ Explanation from IDE RYUSETSU 井手柳雪

I will explain the contents of TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
As our main content what we are, for now, preparing is video training.
For starters, we will upload one video about perfomance and etiquette every Tuesday and one video about techniques every Friday.
Over the course of one month you will study 4 things about performance and etiquette as well as 4 techniques.
In the second month, based on videos we receive from you, we will upload a video about how you can improve your techniques, performance or etiquette and also further applications.
So, within a 2-month unit you are going to learn 4 techniques and 4 things about performance and etiquette.
The explanations in the videos will be in Japanese, but we will add English subtitles.
Also, below each video we will add a corresponding written explanation in both Japanese and English.

As another piece of content, we will stream a live training session once per month.
This means that via YouTube livestream you will be able to train with us.
Being rather hesitant about actively advertising TENSHINRYU ONLINE, we make the stream publicly accessible.
After a stream is done, it will be available as a video on a secret Facebook page only available to TENSHINRYU ONLINE members.

Next is the question corner.
We will accept questions you may have at any time.
We might not be able to respond to every single question but we will answer as many as possible.
Depending on the question we might even want to answer it in a video.

Next, we will also offer online personal tutoring.
This service will be charged separately, but in return you will receive guidance in great detail.
As a basic rule, we won’t offer it to anyone who is not a member of TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
The reason for this is that it’s going to be difficult to give guidance to those who haven’t learnt the basics of Tenshinryu.
As such, this is going to be a very effective service for you as TENSHINRYU ONLINE members, right?

Furthermorse, there is the Top-Fan feature on Facebook.
We will publicly acknowledge individuals who have been consistently selected as the Top Fan over the course of a year.
We would like to collect their training videos as well as compile, edit and upload them to YouTube etc.
This will, however, only be applicable to those who consent to having their videos uploaded.

Well then, let’s get to the formalities of TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
First of all, the monthly fee will be 30 USD.
We will use PayPal as the payment system.

There will be rules to TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
For example, giving out content from TENSHINRYU ONLINE to outsiders will be prohibited.
Also, slandering specific individuals within the community or the administration will not be tolerated.
Those who break these rules will be obligated to cease their membership.
Also, we are not going to refund any already paid fees when your membership gets canceled (regardless of the reason).
This being said, please make sure to carefully read all the rules when you sign up for TENSHINRYU ONLINE.

Lastly, we have one more important announcement.
Upon establishing TENSHINRYU ONLINE, we would like to limit the number of members to 50 due to contraints regarding administration procedures and management.
Should the number of applications largely exceed the limit during the first admission phase, we would love to start another admission cycle as soon as possible, but we plan to do so no earlier than 4 months into the programme.
Hence, we look forward to your preferably early applications once the registration phase has started.
Thank you very much.

We are eagerly awaiting training together with everyone.
May we meet again in TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
I have been Ide Ryuusetsu, Daihan of Tenshinryu Hyoho.

■ 鍬海政雲よりご挨拶

天心流兵法 第10世師家の鍬海政雲です。
私達はTENSHINRYU ONLINE構築に向けて今、急ピッチで作業を進めている最中です。
TENSHINRYU ONLINE道場についてですが、基本的に普段の稽古でもそうですしセミナーでもそうですし、すべてで同じですが、私たちは技の切り売りをして小銭を稼ぐつもりはありません。
TENSHINRYU ONLINE道場にいらっしゃる方々皆さんは、天心流の門人その者ではないですが、仮の門人、仮の入門という形で天心流を学んでいただきます。

■ 井出柳雪よりシステムの説明



これは youtube のライブ配信機能を通じて、皆さんが私たちと一緒に稽古ができる、というものです。
TENSHINRYU ONLINEの宣伝を兼ねて、このコンテンツは限定ではなく公開で行います。
動画の配信が終わった後は、繰り替えし、天心流のオンラインの会員のみがfacebook の秘密ページで見ることができます。


このサービスはTENSHINRYU ONLINE会員以外には基本的には開放しません。
ですからTENSHINRYU ONLINEの会員の皆さんにとっては、とても有効なサービスとなるでしょう。

また、facebook には Top Fan機能があります。
1年間を通じてたくさんTop Fanに選ばれた人には、私たちはその方を表彰します。
そして、その人たちの演武動画を集めて、編集し、youtube などに配信したいと思います。

それではTENSHINRYU ONLINEの手続きについて説明します。
そして支払いシステムはPay Palを利用します。

例えばTENSHINRYU ONLINEのコンテンツを外部に出すことは禁止します。
TENSHINRYU ONLINEに登録する際には、そのような注意事項、禁止事項をよく読み、ご登録ください。

TENSHINRYU ONLINEを開設にあたり、事務手続きや管理などの問題から、その定員を50名までとさせていただきます。

天心流兵法 代範 井手柳雪でした。

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