Up until ten years ago, Tenshinryu had been a martial art no one knew and we had had very few students for decades. It took me a year to convince Tenshin-sensei at that time to make an official website.
Then, Tenshinryu gradually gained popularity on social media and as a result the number of students increased as well.
Now, Tenshinryu has become well-known in many foreign countries. And many people all over the globe wish to learn Tenshinryu.
However, there aren’t many places and therefore opportunities to do so. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to found branch schools of Tenshinryu everywhere.

Instead, we want to introduce to you Tenshinryu Online to cater to the wishes of those who are willing to accept and learn our ways, to spread Tenshinryu even further and to keep ourselves alive financially as well.
We hope to teach Tenshinryu correctly to many people via the internet and hence connect with them wherever they may be.
Everyone knows that receiving direct guidance is most crucial in order to learn the right skills.
But even if it’s not perfect, constant pratice with a clear goal is the most important.
With all this in mind, let us start this journey together.

Tenshinryu online prototype

About the system

・Video Training
As our main content what we are, for now, preparing is video training.
For starters, we will upload one video about perfomance and etiquette every Tuesday and one video about techniques every Friday.
Over the course of one month you will study 4 things about performance and etiquette as well as 4 techniques.
In the second month, based on videos we receive from you, we will upload a video about how you can improve your techniques, performance or etiquette and also further applications.
So, within a 2-month unit you are going to learn 4 techniques and 4 things about performance and etiquette.
The explanations in the videos will be in Japanese, but we will add English subtitles.
Also, below each video we will add a corresponding written explanation in both Japanese and English.

・stream a live training session
As another piece of content, we will stream a live training session once per month.
This means that via YouTube livestream you will be able to train with us.
Being rather hesitant about actively advertising TENSHINRYU ONLINE, we will make the stream publicly accessible.
After a stream is done, it will be available as a video on a secret Facebook page only available to TENSHINRYU ONLINE members.

・Question Corner
We will accept questions you may have at any time.
We might not be able to respond to every single question but we will answer as many as possible.
Depending on the question we might even want to answer it in a video.

・Private Lesson
Next, we will also offer online personal tutoring.
This service will be charged separately, but in return you will receive guidance in great detail.
As a basic rule, we won’t offer it to anyone who is not a member of TENSHINRYU ONLINE.
The reason for this is that it’s going to be difficult to give guidance to those who haven’t learnt the basics of Tenshinryu.
As such, this is going to be a very effective service for you as TENSHINRYU ONLINE members, right?

Furthermore, there is the Top-Fan feature on Facebook.
We will publicly acknowledge individuals who have been consistently selected as the Top Fan over the course of a year.
We would like to collect their training videos as well as compile, edit and upload them to YouTube etc.
This will, however, only be applicable to those who consent to having their videos uploaded.

・You can take private lessons at extra fee.
Private Lesson

2 hours 50$

Monthly cost

the monthly fee will be 30 USD.
We will use PayPal as the payment system.

Terms of Use

・By using TENSHINRYU ONLINE, you agree to these trems of use. If you don’t agree to these Terms, you can not use TENSHINRYU ONLINE.

・TENSHINRYU ONLINE is a monthly membership system. Settlement occurs on PayPal every month for settlement.

・All information sent by this TENSHINRYU ONLINE is owned by Tenshinryu. It is prohibited to divert or change, duplicate, upload, transmit or distribute TENSHINRYU ONLINE’s sentences, materials, graphics, photographs, movies in any way.

・Causing greater disturbance, vandalizing as well as slandering in any form, harassing or threatening the community or specific members is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule may lead to an immediate cancellation of your membership without any refund.

・There is no refund even if you cancel your membership.

Start accepting

The scheduled start date of acceptance is March 15th.

If you have any questions or report of problems, you can contact me by e-mail.

E-mail address ; tenshinryu-international@tenshinryu.net

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