You Tube Tenshinryu membership has started!!

You Tube Tenshinryu membership has started!!
Tenshinryu Membership and TENSHINRYU ONLINE members will be in 2 stages (3 stages including TENSHINRYU ONLINE Japanese version)!!

There are three types.

・ TENSHINRYU membership(US$4.99)
You can watch the ONLINE practice on You Tube.
This is the Japanese version of TENSHINRYU ONLINE. There is no English translation. And you can watch the ONLINE practice on You Tube.
・Enter the TENSHINRYU ONLINE(US$49.99)
You can online learning Tenshinryu using facebook page and membership site.(in English) And you can watch the ONLINE practice on You Tube.

Tenshinryu members can view irregular limited distribution, limited release videos, etc.
Members will also be shown a badge in the chat and will be able to use the original emoji.
TENSHINRYU ONLINE members can join TENSHINRYU ONLINE in addition to the above benefits.
TENSHINRYU ONLINE is a system that enables online learning through videos and texts from the TENSHINRYU ONLINE page of facebook or the TENSHINRYU ONLINE member site.

This Tenshinryu membership is a system to deepen your understanding of Tenshinryu.
And it is a system that actively supports the poor Tenshinryu.

TENSHINRYU ONLINE is an online training system for those who do not have a dojo nearby.
This activity is the basis for creating a dojo in the world.
We operate with a major role to widely convey the Tenshinryu.

Due to the influence of this coronal disaster, online learning was widely used and its utility was widely understood.
Of course, the amount of information that can be conveyed in videos and texts is limited, but on the contrary, the usefulness of videos and texts is not low.
It is one of the key systems that opens up the way of old martial arts in the new era.

The funds obtained from these activities are indispensable for running Tenshinryu.
In some cases, people who have no heart and people who do not understand may be slandered that they are making money.
But over the years, we’ve literally put everything into training our students.
I’ve invested my time and money and abandoned my work because I am confident that it is a tradition worth protecting.
Still, there is a limit to the strength of one person.
Tenshinryu, which no one knew about 10 years ago, is now well known.
However, along with that, Tenshinryu suffered a lot of jealousy and suffered slander and sabotage.

And Tenshinryu’s preservation and succession activities are still in progress.
Far from the middle of the road, even 20% has not yet achieved.
We must solidify the foundation as an organization, further establish a system for training gatekeepers, create an environment for more intensive training, and prepare all the necessary materials for training.
For that, the current name recognition is not enough.
If there is a big problem such as financial and organizational power, it will only collapse immediately.
We operate daily with the feeling that we literally step on thin ice.

Of course, I would like the students who come to practice every day to concentrate on their practice, and I hope that they will only enjoy the enjoyable experience and the fulfillment of their progress.
I try to keep these problems out of my students.
Therefore, it is the current situation that the true severe situation is not understood.
It is not uncommon for tomorrow to suddenly be unable to learn Tenshin-ryu.
To that extent, the work of the leadership, especially Shike (Grandmaster), is extremely demanding.
It is possible to die tomorrow due to stress and hard work.
And Tenshin-ryu’s financial status is always in the red(deficit).

Who will be responsible for the next generation in this situation?
A person who has martial arts skills, educational ability, organizational management ability, leadership ability, diplomatic ability, and public relations ability, and is able to concentrate on Tenshin-ryu activities as well, and is willing to put an endless amount of money indefinitely. There is no problem if you can meet.
But this is the level of searching for a grain of diamond in the Sahara.

Of course, the current Tenshinryu is not based on my own power.
Not only the instructors, but also many students are doing their best, and the people outside the department are also actively supporting us.

But if it costs so much in your life and family to work hard for Tenshin-ryu, can you continue this for a long time?
What is made up of the misfortunes of the people involved cannot be passed on to the next generation, even if it is traditional culture.
It is not only because it is old that it is recognized as worth valuing, but many people must share the recognition that it is valuable.

It is always too late when many people notice.
That is why those who know the value in advance, the so-called early adaptors, have an obligation to share the value, cooperate and support it, and create value that corresponds to the times.

We have dreams
In the age when these swords and spears have no practical value, many people practice their way seriously and enjoyably sharing their ways to enrich their lives.
It is a dream that Tenshinryu will become such a major culture.
This is the modern interpretation of Katsujinken(活人剣), aimed at by Yasunori Munenori(柳生宗矩).

If you agree with this Tenshinryu activity, I strongly hope that you will be involved in Tenshin-ryu in some way.
To see SNS such as You Tube, Tik tok, Instagram and facebook, to have comments and high ratings.
Each of these relationships builds up and strengthens the Tenshin style little by little.
Needless to say, it is the greatest help to have Tenshinryu enter.

We continue to grow with our students every day.

Thank you.

Tenshinryu Hyoho 10th Shike Kuwami Masakumo