Monthly cost

the monthly fee will be 50 USD.
We will use PayPal as the payment system.

We will start accepting the registration.
Please complete payment procedure from the following (1) URL or (2) button.

(1) Paypal URL

(2) Paypal bottun

After you complete payment, we will send message to your paypal’s email address.
Then please send replay to us with email address registered for facebook.
We will send invitation to TENSHINRYU ONLINE.



The bare minimum to have:

– Tachi (大刀)
You can either use a real sword, an imitation or a wooden one (bokken).
Since a real one is dangerous, please handle it with the utmost care!
In case of a bokken (wooden sword), make sure you also have a suitable saya (scabbard).
If you can’t get a saya, you can simply make one yourself.
We will share a video on how to make a simple saya for a bokken later.

– Obi (帯)
In order to tightly fix the sword, a width of 9 to 12 cm would be preferable.
As for the length, you should be able to wrap it around your body three times.
Using for example a standard martial arts obi as a substitute is also thinkable.

Recommended to have:

– Wakizashi (脇指)
In Tenshinryuu we use both a long and a short sword.
Basically, even when we train with the tachi (long sword), we still wear the wakizashi (short sword) at all times.
Just like for the tachi, a real sword, an imitation or a wooden one are all fine.
And again, since a real one is dangerous, please handle it with the utmost care!

– Hakama (袴)
We use so called umanori hakama (馬乗り袴 – “horseback-riding hakama”).
The material doesn’t matter, but in terms of both price and durability cotton or tetoron would be ideal.

This is for reference only.
We do not recommend this.
Because we have not bought these.
It means that you can practice using these items.


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    • Shingen myoken
    • June 8th, 2019

    This is wonderful and exciting! But I have a question Sensei’s. For those who register for the 2nd generation online training, after they pay they will then have access’ to the training correct? Are these training videos exclusive to those new students only? My concern is; what is to stop new students from posting the private online training videos on youtube under their ‘own’ channel just to get ‘likes’ and ‘views’ and ‘clicks’ – making money off the videos that are supposed to be for only those who registered and paid? My second question is; is there a cut-off date when the registration closes for the second generation? In other words; how long do we have to register for the “2nd Generation online training? Thank you! OSS

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