How to become a member of TENSHINRYU ONLINE

How to become a member of TENSHINRYU ONLINE

Having you join us and learn from us directly would of course be ideal, but for those who are far away or kept away due to other circumstances the admission cycle for the second season of the online doujou “TENSHINRYU ONLINE” has started.
This time we will be taking applicants until the end of June.
The guidance will mainly be conducted through so-called communication videos, but we are giving our best to explain everything in extreme detail.
In fact, the amount of information is big enough to even have students from our actual doujou join.

TENSHINRYU ONLINE subscription procedure (step by step)

・ Monthly payment (per PayPal) of 50$
・ a Facebook account
・ training tools/utensils (at the very least an obi and a long sword)

① Carry out the subscription payment via PayPal

If you click the PayPal button below or on this link, you will directly get to the subscription payment page. Please follow the instructions there to proceed.

 (If you require further assistance on how to use and pay with PayPal please consult their support.)

② Receive an e-mail from the administration
We will send an e-mail to your PayPal e-mail address confirming your subscription.
*Should one week pass after you’ve paid without any e-mail from us, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask you to contact us through the following e-mail address:

③ Accept your invitation to the Facebook group
Please join us.

This concludes the registration process.


・ Accept the terms and conditions
Once you’ve joined the Facebook group, please first have a look at the terms and conditions (rules).
This is very important.

・ Self-introduction
Next, we would like you to introduce yourself.
Please find and use the specifically assigned post for that.
The administration will mainly use Japanese and English, however, there is no restriction whatsoever on what language you may use. Therefore please feel free to use your native language.
Using translation software (should it be a language we don’t speak) we will do our best to enable smooth as possible communication and understanding.

・ Video training
TENSHINRYU ONLINE primarily focuses on video training.
We maintain the two categories ‘sahou’ (etiquette) and ‘gihou’ (technique) and will upload one video about each per week.
As you will be able to re-watch these videos without any restrictions as long as your are subscribed to TENSHINRYU ONLINE, please feel free to take a good look and practise.
The explanations in the videos will be in Japanese.

・ Video posting
You may upload videos of yourself practising the techniques.
We will check them and offer corrections and comments as much as we can.
Also, we will make correction videos, so please use them as a reference for your training.

・ Online training stream
Once per month we will stream an online training session!
This will either be a public stream on YouTube (for about one hour) or a TENSHINRYU ONLINE members-only stream on Facebook (for about two hours).
Whichever it is, you will be able to re-watch the stream in any case.