Traditional Costume Photo Album (Data Version) Vol. 2!

The second edition of the data photo collection(sale data) of traditional Japanese costumes is now available for purchase. The model is Sensei Takizawa of Tenshin-ryu Hyouhou.

This is a photo collection of costumes that fully utilizes the collections of Takizawa-sensei and chigirachizuka.

It is a very good resource for creators.

*Photographer harada_natsumi

*cooperation chigirachizuka

*Noshi(直衣) – 1000yen

Noshi(or Naoshi) is the normal dress of emperors, princes, imperial princekings, and noblemen since the Heian period.

*Hitatare low class(直垂 下卒) – 1000yen

*Hitatare high class(直垂 上級) – 1000yen

The “hitatare” is a male garment used mainly in samurai society, and is one of Japan’s costumes. It is one of the Japanese costumes. From the Hitatare, the “Daimon-Hitatare 大紋直垂”, the “Suo-Hitatare 素襖直垂”, the “Yoroi-Hitatare 鎧直垂” worn under armor, and the “Kataginu 肩衣” were developed over time.

*Kariginu(狩衣) – 1000yen

Kariginu is the everyday clothing of Kuge(公家
a court noble) since the Heian period. Kariginu was originally worn for hunting, but gradually became a part of everyday wear because of its active nature. Later, as time went by, it came to be used as official dress and became the formal dress of the fourth-ranked Buke(武家 samurai family), succeeding the Hitatare.

*Ikan(衣冠) – 1000yen

Ikan is the court dress of nobles and officials from the Heian period onward.

*Traditional Costume Photo Album (Data Version) Vol. 2! full set – 5000yen
There is a second full set of posed photos available for limited sale only in July 2021.

There are other items as well, including standard ones.

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